Giftset Drinks Supplement CONDITION – Hangover Cure Drinks (10 bottles)


The most popular hangover cure drink in Korea

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CONDITION hangover cure drink has the main ingredient of oriental raisins, or hovenia dulcis – a popular herb in Korea that can help detoxifying and protect one’ liver from toxic. Since it was launched in Korea market, CONDITION has always held the title of “Korea’s No.1 anti-hangover drink” for 25 years. The products are now available in Japan, China, and especially in Vietnam market. CONDITION is the most popular anti-hangover drink, a good friend for those who regularly use alcohol and need to improve liver function.

Ingredients: Purified water, Taurine 2%, Hovenia Dulcis fruit extract 1%, yeast extract powder 0.33%, Cili fruit extract powder (rose hemp) 0.2%, lotus seed extract powder 0.1%, Alanine 0.1%, Vitamin B3 0.053%, fructose, white sugar, citric acid, food flavor (fruit and honey), malic acid, sodium citrate.

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