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The secret to improve liver function

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The unique CONDITION LIVER is a 3-in-1 formula, blended with precious natural ingredients including milk thistle, artichoke and hovia dulcis. CONDITION LIVER helps to cool and protect the liver, limit harmful substances from alcohol affecting the liver, suitable for people who regularly use alcohol. In addition, regular use of CONDITION LIVER will help improve blood circulation and support enhanced liver function.

Ingredients: Cellulose (357.2 mg), milk thistle (260 mg), artichoke extract (100 mg), Khung (100 mg), calcium carboxymethylcellulose (50 mg), hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (45 mg), seaweed powder extract (40 mg), silicon dioxide (20 mg), magnesium sterate (17,135 mg), titanium dioxide (5 mg), glycerin ester with fatty acids (3 mg), gardenia (1.95 mg), yellow Gardenia (0.175 mg)

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