6-year-old Red Ginseng has long been known to have multiple health benefits due to the high nutritional value contained in its ingredients. After being harvested and preliminarily treated, red ginseng is steamed to lower its water content to 15%. Products from this step will be dried to achieve the HONGSAMJIN GOLD red ginseng, which contains 34 nutrients (saponin, ginsenosides, polyphenol, maltols,…) and more than 15 necessary micronutrients.


HONGSAMJIN GOLD drink is made with our patented technology to fully preserve the valuable nutrients contained in Korean 6-year Red Ginseng. Combined with many other herbal extracts such as antlers, jujube fruit, Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), cinnamon. Providing valuable nutrients in a quick, easy-to-drink bottle, HONGSAMJIN GOLD is the go-to healthcare solution for everyone.

A bottle of HONGSAMJIN GOLD a day will help relieve stress and revive your energy immediately. Consistent use of the product will do wonders for your immune system and improve your overall well-being considerably.


The golden key to good health

30.000đ / 100ml/bottle